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Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair You Need to Know

February 9, 2017 Contributor

Storm Sewer Installation ServicesEven though sewer lines are built to last, they may inevitably need repair at some time in the future. Shifting soil and growing tree roots can damage lines, creating cracks and leaks. When your sewer line begins leaking, you need to act fast.

Traditional Sewer Repair

Unfortunately, traditional sewer repair can be a costly, time-consuming ordeal. You will need to hire professionals to come to your home, dig a trench around the pipe, identify the damaged section, repair or replace the line, and rebury it. In the meantime, you may have to worry about redirecting traffic, repairing your damaged landscape, and hoping those pros don’t damage a portion of the city sewage system because those costs could be passed onto you!

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Thankfully, there’s a better way with trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless sewer repair has been around for over a decade, but not everybody knows it’s an option. Professionals will insert a liner or a completely new pipe (depending on the type of sewage pipe and the damage) without ever digging a trench at all. Trenchless sewer repair has some distinct advantages over traditional sewer repair:


Trenchless repair requires only one or a few small access holes be dug to expose your current sewer line. This saves an entire morning of trenching and an evening of reburying pipe, getting the job done faster.


Without the major excavation of a traditional repair, trenchless sewer repair can be done without the major heavy machinery sometimes necessary to trench and rebury lines.


Since only small access holes are being dug, your yard and property will not require major renovation.


Trenchless sewer repair itself can cost more than laying down some new pipe in the traditional manner, but when you factor in the savings from not having to replace your landscape or deal with potential traffic issues and possible damage of city sewage lines, you can end up saving big time.

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