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Leak DetectionThe village of Olympia Fields is a beautiful little gem within the urban sector of Northwestern Illinois, and to keep it wonderful, residents must have access to adequate infrastructure. As Olympia Fields plumbers, we are here to provide you with our excellent services. Whether you need emergency plumbing repair, new piping installation, or reliable and functional plumbing in your new home or new place of business, Reichelt Plumbing is the plumber in Olympia Fields you can trust.

Better Plumbing, the First Time

Plumbing is essential to us, but we want to do our job so that it is the last thing on your mind. When your system works smoothly, you do not have to worry about finding leaks or preventing disastrous water damage. Let us take control and provide preventative maintenance or install your new system during building construction. When you use us as your plumbers in Olympia Fields, say goodbye to:

Restoring Municipal Infrastructure

Keeping cities and town running involves much more than politics, education, and other hot-button topics. Without working infrastructure, modern cities would crumble into chaos. Luckily, as Olympia Fields plumbers, we have been working with municipal systems like sewers, water mains, fire hydrant installation, and Olympia Fields storm sewers for more than a dozen years. Officials trust us with crucial emergency plumbing repair which means that you can also count on us for smaller, domestic plumbing and drainage projects as well.

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No matter when you are in need of emergency plumbing repair, you can contact Reichelt Plumbing at (219) 322-4906 to make a service appointment and have the issues fixed as soon as possible. Trust us to handle various commercial, residential, or municipal projects with ease, and know that you can count on our repairs and new installations to last. Do not take a chance on other, less experienced plumbers in Olympia Fields, but go with the pros for more reliable service.

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