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Top 3 Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush
March 29, 2020 Contractor2020

Toilets are an absolutely necessity in homes. But toilet troubles can be a huge burden for homeowners. For as often as toilets are used, however, it’s not surprising that they tend to have a decent amount of issues. Luckily, most

5 Common Culprits of a Clogged Bathroom Sink
March 25, 2020 Contractor2020

We hate to break it to you, but toilets aren’t the only places in the bathroom that fall victim to clogs. The bathroom sink is just as susceptible to this common plumbing problem. Every day, seemingly harmless items you use

Rusty-Looking Water? Here’s What You Should Know and Do About It
March 19, 2020 Contractor2020

At first, it may look like a scene from a horror movie – red or brownish water coming from a sink faucet or showerhead. Not only does it look gross but it also smells. Then you remember the news stories

What Homeowners Should Know About Sewer Pipes
March 10, 2020 Contractor2020

If you don’t know what kind of sewer pipe you have at your home, you’re likely one of the lucky homeowners who hasn’t experienced a sewer problem. Most people don’t even think about their sewer or sewer pipes until there

How High Water Pressure Can Damage Your Home’s Plumbing System
February 28, 2020 Contractor2020

No one likes to shower with low water pressure, but it’s important to maintain a healthy pressure level within your home to prevent major plumbing issues – not to mention the fact that keeping water pressure higher than necessary can

Look Out For These 10 Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks
February 20, 2020 Contractor2020

Water is an essential part of our home. We drink it, we cook with it, and we use it to clean. But water can also have a more devious side. Every year, water damage costs homeowners millions of dollars. Often,

How to Unclog a Drain Without Using Chemical Products
February 17, 2020 Contractor2020

Life is hectic and every minute of your time is valuable. So when you encounter a common plumbing problem such as a clogged drain, we understand why a “quick-fix” sounds appealing. For many homeowners, that means reaching for a bottle

Fact or Fiction – It’s Safe to Flush Wipes Down the Toilet?
February 10, 2020 Contractor2020

Over the past few years, bathroom wipe products have been flying off the shelf – and later flushed down the toilet. Many of these products have “Flushable” written on their packaging. So they must be safe to use, right? Wrong.

Look Out For These 3 Warning Signs of a Sewer Backup
January 29, 2020 Contractor2020

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare – sewage backing up into your home. The smell is foul, the mess is unbearable, and the health hazards are serious. The worse part of a sewage backup is that you don’t always realize there’s

Backflow Preventer Inspection – What It Is and What to Expect
January 25, 2020 Contractor2020

Have you ever heard the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It’s especially true when it comes to preventing non-potable water from backing up into a building’s drinkable water supply. Obviously, any contamination from human

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