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The Pros and Cons of Clay Sewer Pipe
September 20, 2019 Contractor2020

The history of clay pipes is long and rather impressive. The first known urban plumbing system was in Babylonia around 4000 BC and utilized clay pipes. Even at recent as the 1990s, clays was a popular material for municipal plumbing

What’s the Best Toilet Paper for Your Home’s Plumbing?
September 16, 2019 Contractor2020

When shopping for toilet paper, there are more choices than ever before. How do you choose one for your home? Do you have a favorite brand for comfort or do you grab whatever is least expensive at the store? We’re

Waterless Urinals – How Do They Work?
August 29, 2019 Contractor2020

Any way you can cut down on your water use is good for the environment and can save your business money. Whether you’re running a restaurant or have a small office space, the bathrooms – especially the men’s room –

How to Recognize and Fix a Main Sewer Line Problem
August 25, 2019 Contractor2020

“Out of sight, out of mind.” That’s usually how most homeowners approach plumbing issues. Since most of the pipes and features are hidden behind walls, ceilings, or floors, we can’t always see a problem developing. One area where that is

What to Do If Your Toilet is Leaking at the Base
August 14, 2019 Contractor2020

Even if you’re a fan of horror movies, the sight of water seeping out from the toilet base in your home can give you nightmares. You don’t know what’s in the water, why it’s ending up on the floor, or

Keep Your Restaurant Running Smoothly By Cleaning the Grease Trap
August 1, 2019 Contractor2020

As a restaurant owner, you’re focused on making sure delicious food is leaving the kitchen to keep your customers happy and satisfied. But every once in a while, it’s a good idea to tend to some ingredients that didn’t make

6 Common Causes of Black Specks in Your Water
July 25, 2019 Contractor2020

Water quality is an issue that has been getting a lot of national attention in the past few years. The good news is that most of us can enjoy fresh, clean, and healthy water from a municipal water supply or

3 Things to Do If Your Toilet Bubbles When the Bathtub is Draining
July 16, 2019 Contractor2020

Remember the children’s song, Dem Bones? It’s the one that goes, “The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone. The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone…” In some ways, your home’s plumbing system is similar in that many

3 Reasons Why Fruit Flies May Invade Your Bathroom – And How to Get Rid of Them
July 8, 2019 Contractor2020

The bathroom can be a very high-traffic area of your home. So we’re sure you don’t want to share it with dozens (if not hundreds) of unwanted guests. We’re talking about fruit flies invading your bathroom. Fruit flies can be

Answering the Most Commonly Asked Questions about Water Softeners
June 27, 2019 Contractor2020

In the world of plumbing, the water softener can be a mysterious appliance. As a homeowner, you may not know exactly what it does or if your home needs one. That’s OK. In this article, we’re answering the most common

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