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Affordable Repiping & Pipe Repair Services in Schererville, IN

Pipe Repair Repiping Services Schererville, InCold weather can really do a number on your pipes. Frozen pipes can and often do burst, which can lead to flooding, property damage, and loss of access to usable water. If you have recently experienced frozen pipes and are in need of repairs or repiping services, you have come to the right place—Reichelt Plumbing is here to help. We will promptly examine your property and determine the extent of damage that has been done. After our analysis is complete, we will discuss whether your pipes can be repaired, or if they have to be replaced altogether. We will also give you helpful tips to avoid developing frozen pipes again in the future.

Repiping: Not Just for Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can lead to necessary repiping services, but this is not the only reason why you may want or need to have your pipes replaced. For example, old piping can lead to corrosion, which can cause low water pressure, poor tasting water, and leaks. Allow Reichelt Plumbing to upgrade your plumbing system with better, more modern materials, like copper or PEX piping. If you are unsure of whether you need new pipes or would like to get an idea of cost or turnaround time, please contact us anytime for a quote.

Additional Services

Residential Service CouponReichelt Plumbing is a full-service plumbing service. In business since 1986, our skilled technicians are all licensed, bonded, and insured. Here are a few examples of additional residential and commercial plumbing issues we can help solve for you:

• Leaking or burst pipes
• Low water pressure
• Noisy pipes
Frozen pipes
Poor tasting water
• Piping that does not comply with building codes

Water Pipe Repair

There are numerous reasons why your water pipes may require repairs within the residential home, including leaks, burst pipes, corrosion, or perhaps loose fittings that have begun to take their toll on the system. Whatever the reason, you should begin to notice the changes almost immediately when something goes wrong. Your water pressure will be off, and your monthly water bill will be exponentially higher than normal.

At Reichelt Plumbing, our experienced plumbers have repaired countless water pipes for clients throughout the community. An experienced plumber from our company can come into your home, replace the bad pipes, dispose of them properly, and repair whatever section of the water pipe system requires it. We can then offer advice on how to watch for such problems in the future. When it comes to repairs to your water system, it is always best to catch the problem early before it becomes worse and more expensive.

Burst Pipe Repair

A burst water pipe is one of the worst conditions you may experience as a homeowner regarding your plumbing system. With a burst pipe, you risk significant damage to not only the water system but also the entire home from flooding and water damage. If you do not catch the burst pipe early on, mold will grow, and the repair cost will be far more significant.

When temperatures begin to hit their all-time low during the winter, your water pipes may freeze and then thaw again, which causes the pipe itself to burst and release water everywhere. Your plumbing should be winterized by a professional plumbing company to prevent such issues. If your pipes were never winterized, you are at risk of flooding damage. Reichelt Plumbing can repair the burst pipe and winterize your entire water system to ensure this problem never occurs again.

Don’t Delay; Call Reichelt Today

If you have recently experienced frozen pipes, water leaks, water pressure problems, or any other problem related to your plumbing system, time is of the essence. We will repair any existing damage and check for any additional leaks that could lead to more problems down the road. Give the team at Reichelt Plumbing a call today or contact us online for repiping services: (219) 322-4906 .

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