Professional Plumbing Services in Portage, IN

Dependable Plumbing Company Portage, INThe key thing we at Reichelt Plumbing want to insist to our customers is the importance of a dependable contractor. You want to make sure you find a Portage plumbing company that has your needs in mind first. This is the only way to ensure both quality work and reputable customer service every time.

Service We Provide in Portage, IN

Most Common Plumbing Problems

When we perform a Portage plumbing job, we tend to see some of the same common problems. Since we put the customer’s needs first and aim to eradicate whatever issues you may have, we know what these common concerns are and how to fix them.

As an example, we know that weather can be a major factor in causing plumbing problems. From frozen pipes to burst lines, weather can make or break your plumbing. When this occurs, we tackle the problem from two main motivations: education and repair. First, we want to educate our Portage customers. We can provide information on how to prevent frozen pipes.

Repair then becomes a priority for our Portage plumbers. We work to get the job completed within the same day if possible. We ensure a job well done, and that your pipes are in better condition than before they burst.

Best Tips for Plumbing Solution

Regarding solutions, we at Reichelt Plumbing also have some thoughts. Since we want to be the Portage plumbing company you call, we aim to know our industry like no one else. So, for solutions, we first suggest maintenance. When you schedule regular maintenance on your plumbing, you’re helping to prevent emergency costs down the road. Plain and simple.

Additionally, we encourage customers to learn how their plumbing works. Half the battle of plumbing is knowing how your particular system functions. Knowledge itself is one of the best tips we can give.

Emergency Plumbing Services

For more than 25 years, the experts at Reichelt Plumbing have been repairing burst pipes, backed up drains, and broken sewer lines for the people of Portage. Armed with the latest tools and techniques in the industry, our team will arrive at your home or business quickly and get to work immediately to repair your plumbing issues. To put your mind at ease during troubling situations, we will provide an honest quote up front, so you won’t be left with two plumbing “surprises.”

Drain Cleaning Services

Did you know that a recurring slow drain could be the sign of a much larger problem? Clogs could be deep within your plumbing system – and perhaps even reach down to the sewer line. Luckily, the pros at Reichelt Plumbing are trained in all the latest technology, including pipeline video inspection and hydro jet cleaning. We’ll find and eliminate any and all clogs quickly to get your water flowing again. So whether just one drain is giving you trouble or you’re experiencing issues throughout your home or business, call our Portage plumbers to get the job done right at a reasonable price.

Water Heater Installation and Repair Services

An inefficient water heater can lead to more frustrations than just a lukewarm shower or two. Water heaters that struggle to keep up with demand can end up costing homeowners on monthly utility bills and often lead to problems with leaks or failing to ignite altogether, leaving you frantically searching for solutions. Reichelt Plumbing has a professional team in Portage, IN to save you from the hassles of water heater headaches! Give us a call for water heater installation and repair services at the first sign of an issue.

About Portage, IN

As if we haven’t made it clear, we know Portage. We know about its Summer Music in the Park Series, its Car Cruise Nights, its public marina, and year-round Riverwalk.  Whatever draws you to Portage, it draws us too!

Contact the Portage plumbing company Reichelt for your needs – residential or commercial – no matter the issue. We have the solutions! (219) 322-4906 We serve the entire Portage, IN 46368, 46403.


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