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Residential & Commercial Construction ADA Compliance Northwest Indiana

Life Safety Standard South Cook County, IL

ADA Compliance Northwest INReichelt Plumbing has been a trusted name for 25 years. One of the reasons our Northwest Indiana plumbers are still going strong is our dedication to meet and rise above industry standards. Our plumbing technicians are familiar with all federal and local plumbing codes, and we are here to ensure every building we work on meets those codes.


It is important that plumbing fixtures are simple to operate. Reichelt’s team of plumbing experts ensures that any fixtures we install do not require any pinching, twisting or a tight grasp to operate. In fact, our plumbing fixtures are made with lever-type handles to ensure only one hand is necessary to use them.

Commercial Construction ADA Compliance

As part of Reichelt Plumbing’s commitment to all customers, our technicians work hard to make certain that every commercial facility they work in complies with ADA standards. From drinking fountains to public restrooms, we guarantee that our finished work will follow all federal regulations, making your commercial space readily available to all.

Residential Construction ADA Compliance

residential service couponWhen we come to work on the plumbing in your home, we will be sure to discuss any accessibility needs you may have and then repair (or install) the fixtures that will help you. Our plumbing experts are knowledgeable in all matters concerning ADA plumbing compliance and are ready and willing to implement ADA guidelines concerning residential structures.

Life Safety

Our plumbing fixtures are safe for all people to use. All exposed pipes are wrapped, protecting users from burning when the hot water is in use. These covers do not interfere with clearance requirements, and our fixtures do not have any sharp surfaces. Our plumbing fixtures also meet standards to ensure that no unreasonable fire hazard occurs.

About ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990 to ensure that all public facilities had equal access for those who are disabled. The act set building codes at the federal level for how buildings must be constructed. These standards include plumbing accessibility requirements as well.

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