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plumbing lift station & residential sewer lift stationLift stations are used for pumping wastewater and sewage when the terrain makes it impossible to use gravity. Pump stations take the wastes and pump them from a lower elevation to a high elevation to prevent backflow. Sometimes, these types of sewage pumps are more cost-efficient and long-lasting than their counterparts. By using a steel lift station, these lift pumps can last up to twice the amount of your average pump. Reichelt Plumbing is an expert at installing these lift stations and can ensure that their maintenance is kept.

What electrical service is required for the pumps in a lift station?

When you are looking to install a lift station, you may be researching what type of electrical service is required to keep the station running. For residential use, a lift station will require 230 volt, 1ph. If you were looking at purchasing a lift station for larger commercial applications, 460 volt, 3ph. would be required. However, many lift stations can be built to be in compliance with a variety of phase and voltage. The key is hiring a licensed plumber who has specific experience with lift stations who can help match you with the right lift station.

Lift Station Maintenance

If you’re the proud owner of a lift station, then you probably know of the costly repairs and downtime associated with a life station. Preventative maintenance should be performed on a regular basis in order to avoid such disastrous emergencies occurring. Emergency pump-out expenses are too costly for most businesses to handle regularly. A maintenance contract to ensure that exact situation does not occur could be beneficial to your business and to those who work on the lift station throughout the year.

To start, the wet wells should be pumped and washed with a pressure washer at least twice per year. If necessary, more pressure washing can be implemented throughout the year to prevent solids building up or grease. These build-ups can create a serious odor and damage the pumps. These pumps should be inspected regularly to ensure their condition has not begun to deteriorate, too. Preventative maintenance will go over everything to ensure the safety and health of them machine.

What is the difference in a “Simplex Lift Station” and a “Duplex Lift Station”?

A simplex lift station has one single pump and controls for that one pump. A duplex lift station has two pumps, which can be better for applications when there needs to be a second pump for backup in case the first pump fails. Duplex lift stations also can alternate use between the two pumps, giving you more time before replacement. If you are trying to decide between a simplex lift station and a duplex lift station, you need to consult with an experienced plumber. They would be able to assess your particular circumstances and make a recommendation on which option would be better for you.

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