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Expert Water Line Repair & Installation Services Schererville, IN

Water Line Repair Installation Services Schererville, InGet in touch with the reputable professionals of Reichelt Plumbing if your home’s or business’s water main has broken. While a broken water main can be quite a frustrating shock when it first happens, it’s essential that the problem is taken care of as soon as possible by a professional plumbing company like ours that offers quality water main services.

Trusted & Professional Water Main Repairs

Water main repairs are some of the most difficult in the industry, which is just one more reason it’s vitally important that you enlist a professional plumber to take care of the problem. Every one of our technicians who specializes in water main repairs is familiar with:

• Plumbing codes in the South Cooke County area
• How to prevent your water supply from becoming contaminated during the repair
• How to successfully reinstate your water supply with minimum interruption
• State and local regulations

No matter how major or minor the damage is, our top-notch water main services will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently and at a price that won’t bust your financial water line.

Water Main Installation

We can also help you out when your water main isn’t in need of repair. Give us a call if you’re building or remodeling your home and we’ll be more than happy to install your new water main and water pump and make sure that it’s done right the first time. When they aren’t designed properly, there’s a chance that your water supply could become contaminated. Your installation will be done with the highest regards to cleanliness, efficiency, and safety when Reichelt Plumbing is on the case

PEX Piping

PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is a type of plumbing material used in plumbing systems that offers many advantages over traditional copper hot and cold water distribution systems. Because of the many benefits offered by PEX, it has become a preferable plumbing system to copper for home builders nationwide. PEX is rapidly gaining acceptance in commercial construction applications as well. PEX plumbing systems originated in Europe over thirty years ago and had been used in North America for over ten years, during which time they have demonstrated excellent performance and durability. Homeowners, builders, and plumbing contractors can all benefit from the use of PEX plumbing systems.

PEX is a quiet plumbing system which virtually eliminates water hammer noise, which is caused by rapidly opening and closing valves. PEX piping is freeze resistant, not susceptible to corrosion or the leaks that result from corrosion, and it is far more cost-effective than copper piping systems. Our specialists are PEX professionals and would love to assist you with any of your PEX piping needs.

Other Piping Systems Offered

While PEX piping may be the most popular piping system in recent years, at Reichelt Plumbing, we also specialize in many other types of piping systems, including:

  • Copper Water Lines
  • CPVC Piping
  • ProPress

Waterline Replacement Cost

As a homeowner, you are solely responsible for the water and sewer lines running under your property from the city’s public utility connection. Should this waterline spring a leak, you must repair or replace it. This can be quite costly. On average, homeowners spend around $2,600 on waterline replacements. If the sewer line breaks, you could face even more expensive repairs.

At Reichelt Plumbing, we understand the financial burden of these unexpected costs. For this reason, we price all our plumbing repair and replacement services as affordable as possible. If you’re working on a budget, we’ll work with you to find a way to get you the water line replacement you need. Before we begin any work, we’ll provide a full quote for our services. You’ll know exactly how much you need to pay and where that money will go. Our experienced team will ensure that you remain in the loop throughout the entire process.

Underground Water Lines Repair

Fixing the main water line is a costly, time-consuming job. A broken water line could flood your home with mud and debris, or cause the street to weaken. It is in your best interest to keep an eye on the water line running to your home. This type of plumbing repair requires an experienced, professional plumber with a specialized set of skills.

Reichelt Plumbing is the first choice for many homeowners. We have designed our repair services to be as straightforward and cost-effective as possible. In most cases, repairs take less than a day. New advances in plumbing technology and techniques allow our technicians to fix the water line without digging up your lawn or using excess materials. Trust Reichelt Plumbing to get the job done right and protect your home!

How do I improve the water pressure in my house?

Too many homeowners are experiencing water pressure problems these days. When you have low water pressure in your home, it can take forever to fill the sink and wash the dishes or do a single load of laundry. To improve your water pressure, start by checking the water meter. Most homeowners assume their water meter is turned all the way on, but this isn’t always the case. Make sure the system is running at full capacity.

Next, check the main shutoff valve. It is not unusual for the city to shut off power while doing outside work. It may take some time before the water pressure returns to normal. Next, if sediment or dirt buildup is in the lines of your water system, it may be time to re-pipe the entire house. This may not be a cheap investment, but it can make a significant difference in water pressure and comfort in your home.

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