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Fire Damage Repair Services South Cook County, IL

fire damage repair services south cook county ilWhen a fire occurs, damages are bound to follow. Let us make this difficult time less worrisome. Reichelt’s experienced plumbers have the expertise you need to repair your home. Fires can affect plumbing just as much as personal property, and Reichelt, unlike other contracting companies, is specially trained in plumbing repairs. We can make choosing a fire restoration company hassle-free.

Emergency Plumbers

Our Northwest Indiana plumbing technicians are available to you at any time of day. Plumbing issues and disasters don’t wait to happen when the time is convenient. Our plumbing team will come when you call around the clock to repair those plumbing issues that cannot wait until normal business hours.

How long does it take to clean up fire damage?

residential service couponThe length of time it will take to clean up fire damage depends on the extent and location of the damage. The cleanup process takes skill, patience, and the help of experienced professionals. It is important for your health and safety that you do not attempt to clean up fire damage yourself. There is a particular process you must follow to clean up fire-damaged materials that will ensure your home is safe to live in.

How long will the cleanup and restoration process take?

The time it takes for both the cleanup and restoration process is very dependent on the extent of the damage and where the fire was located. If your home is extensively burned, you can expect the process to stretch months. However, a small fire with mild damage may be repaired and restored in a few weeks. To get an accurate estimate of how long the restoration process will take, have an experienced contractor assess your home. The experts at Reichelt Plumbing are happy to come and estimate the time it will take to get your home back to like-new condition.

How can we safely inspect our house after fire damage?

Determining if your home is safe and habitable again after a fire shouldn’t be left to your family. You need the help of a professional inspector to assess your home. Some contractors are less-than-honest with you regarding repairs.  After a fire, there may be toxic chemicals and materials released or exposed in your property. The structural integrity of your home may be impacted as well. If you are trying to determine the extent of the fire damage to your home, contact Reichelt Plumbing. We are happy to provide you with an extensive inspection to determine what repairs need to be completed.

If the fire was relatively small and only affected a small area, do we really need professional cleanup?

While a fire may only cause damage in a small area of your home, it is important that you utilize professional help to determine what you can and cannot clean on your own. Soot particles may be still released into the air, which can cause breathing issues in sensitive individuals. Standing water and damaged electrical appliances can cause a serious hazard to you and your family. Any wet flooring can be very slippery, which can cause dangerous falls to those living in your home. The safest way to clean after a fire of any size is to call a professional company like Reichelt Plumbing.

If your South Cook County Illinois home’s plumbing has been damaged in a fire, call Reichelt at (219) 322-4906 . You may also contact our plumbers online.

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