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Quick Manhole Repair in Schererville, IN

manhole rehabilitation northwest, inOur manhole rehabilitation specialists can help you solve any infiltration or inflow problems you have. Our trusted plumbing company has been in business for 25 years and is dedicated to giving unsurpassed service to our customers. Let us return your manhole structures to good as new conditions in no time.

Frame & Cover Replacement

Frames and covers get damaged over the years, below and above ground. This often allows street runoff to enter the sewer systems. To solve this problem, our team of plumbing contractors can excavate and backfill the hole in only a short time, ensuring that the repair is done efficiently and quickly.


Grouting is an excellent way to prevent runoff and groundwater from making its way into the manhole. Grout is so great because it mixes with the material within the manhole, creating a watertight seal. This, along with the cleaning process, only takes a few hours, and Reichelt can have the whole job done in only a few hours.


Manhole lining is utilized when a manhole needs structural reinforcement or when there are corrosive gases present within the sewer system. First, Reichelt will clean all loose materials within the manhole and then fit a custom sized liner that expands to fit the interior. After the curing process, all pipes are properly opened. Lining a manhole takes only two to four hours and can be done with minimal to no interruption in service.


Reichelt will try everything to ensure that your manhole can be repaired, but when all other avenues are exhausted, we can build you a new manhole. Sometimes, it is also necessary to build one where there wasn’t one before to ensure a sewer line can be properly maintained. Trust our local plumbers to replace your manhole and meet industry standards.

To speak with one of our Indiana plumbers, contact us today: (219) 322-4906 .



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