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Expert Sump Pump Installation & Repair Services in Schererville, IN

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Sump pumps are responsible for solving the majority of basement leaking and flooding issues. They are specifically designed to remove water to ensure it does not damage the interior of a home. From time to time, sump pump repair will be necessary, which is when a professional service is required.

Sump Pump Installation

The sump pump is typically hard-wired into the home’s electrical system or plugged into an outlet. There are some sump pumps equipped with battery backup to ensure the pump continues to work if the power goes out. This often occurs during severe weather, when the functioning of the sump pump is more important than any other time.

Sump Pump Repair, Maintenance, Replacement
Sump Pump Repair, Maintenance, Replacement

Once sump pump installation is complete, it should be tested regularly in order to ensure it will work properly the next time a heavy rain occurs. The pump can be tested by pouring a bucket full of water into the pit. It should come on automatically, remove the water and shut off in just a few seconds. If any of these steps don’t occur, sump pump repair may be necessary. This is another service our professionals from Reichelt Plumbing can provide

Cleaning the sump pump pit is also important, and all gravel, sand and dirt should be removed to help improve its efficiency and prolong the life of the unit. Failure to provide this service may result in the need for sump pump repair.

The Benefits of Using Electric Sump Pumps

There are several ways that sump pumps can be a benefit to your home. Here’s the top three:

1. Reduce threat of mold, mildew, and other contaminants: Continual moisture in the basement from stagnant water will lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Not only are these both damaging to building material, but they are health problems as well. A properly working sump pump will keep your basement dry thus preventing mold and mildew from building up in your home.

2. Prevent flooding damage to your home: Sump pumps really show their usefulness when dealing with a flooding situation. When torrential rains flood your basement, you can quickly have a mess on your hands, with several inches of water covering the floor and damaging your belongings. A working sump pump will keep this scenario from ever being one you have to worry about dealing with in your home.

3. Reduce the risk of fire: As mentioned above, flooding can cause major problems in your home. Flooding is one of the fundamental causes of electrical fires to start in your home. Water will short-circuit the appliances in the basement:

A sump pump will keep the water from threatening equipment that could trigger household fires.

Emergency Sump Pump Information

Of the plumbing issues that could go wrong in your home, dealing with a sump pump emergency is one the worst. There are many possible reasons for sump pump failure. By far the most common reason for sump pumps to fail revolved around power outages.

Most sump pumps run off of electricity, and if the power is out, your sump pump won’t work. That is why it’s important to have a generator for your sump pump in the event of a power outage. This is especially necessary if you live in an area that is prone to flooding or power failures. If you have power to your sump pump, and it is still not working, you need to call a professional plumber before your basement starts to flood. Reichelt Plumbing has extensive experience with sump pump repair, installation, and maintenance. Give our office a call, and we will dispatch one of our licensed plumbers to your home right away.

Sump Pump Repair Average Cost

A sump pump removes water from your home’s foundation (which is usually the lowest point of your property). By doing this, the sump pump prevents potentially devastating damage. Like any mechanical device in your home, the sump pump can break down and require repairs. Before they call for a professional plumbing technician, most homeowners want to know the average cost of sump pump repair.

Most homeowners spend between $300 and $470 for sump pump repair services. Of course, this is just an average – some spend up to $1,000 for repairs. Many different factors affect repair costs, including the type of sump pump, the scope of the repair job, and the time frame necessary to complete the work. Reichelt Plumbing will take each of these factors into account before writing up a complete quote for our services. We want you to understand all costs before we begin our work.

How to Avoid Frequent Sump Pump Repair

Your sump pump is hard at work in the basement of your home, and it has a big responsibility: to prevent flooding and protect the entire house from water damage. Unfortunately, some systems work a bit harder than others, which often leads to frequent costly repairs of the sump pump system. It is important to keep your sump pump in good condition to avoid such repairs.

The most important method to avoid frequent repairs is to perform preventative maintenance. Once or twice per year, have the professional plumbing technicians from Reichelt Plumbing come into your home, inspect the system, replace any necessary parts, and perform comprehensive maintenance. This maintenance plan is an investment in the entire future of your home. Without it, you may risk costly repairs down the line when the system begins to overwork itself. When a sump pump fails, your entire home and family are at risk of water damage, mold, mildew, and illness.

Sump Pump Installation Average Cost

On average, it costs around $1,000 to have a sump pump installed in a residential home. Some homeowners report paying just $677, while others report paying around $1,587 for the installation job. By calling Reichelt Plumbing, you can receive a free estimate that will determine the cost of an installation for your home. We offer competitive pricing that works for our clients.

The cost may seem quite high to some homeowners, but it is an investment in the future of your home and the safety of your family. A sump pump will function almost every single day, moving water away from the foundation of your house and preventing any flooding or significant water damage. The pump is installed in the basement – out of sight, out of mind – at the lowest point. The installation process itself is relatively easy, though it may require a bit of planning. Our plumbing technicians are experts at such installation jobs, though, so you never need to worry about lasting damage, debris left behind, or extra costs.

Can I use a sump pump for my waterfall, koi pond, or garden pond aeration?

Many people have installed a sump pump as a pond pump and to add aeration to their small body of water. There are several reasons on why you should not use a sump pump outside of its intended purpose. Here is why:

  • A sump pump is not designed to run continuously.
  • Sump pumps are not as energy-efficient as pond pumps and aeration devices.
  • Sump pumps will cost you more to run per month when compared to pond pumps.
  • Sump pumps get very warm when used for an extended period, which may hurt your pond’s wildlife.

If you are looking for a pump to circulate the water in your waterfall, koi pond, or garden pond, you may want to invest in a pump designed to run continuously. If you have other questions about sump pump usage, feel free to contact us at Reichelt Plumbing. We are always here to assist you!

Sump pump repair services are offered by our professionals at Reichelt Plumbing. Contact us today at (219) 322-4906 for more information.

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