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#1 Battery Backup Sump Pump in Schererville, IN

battery backup sump pump schererville, inIf your home is subject to water damage, whether it’s due to groundwater presence or because of intense rainfall, you probably rely on a sump pump. This handy tool with its sump basin and thorough drainage techniques is often a home- and life-saver. What happens, though, when this device stops working? Reichelt Plumbing does our very best to keep homes and plumbing systems problem-free, so when a breakdown occurs, we offer the battery backup sump pump.

Sump Pump Failure & Solutions

Due to any number of reasons, a traditional sump pump can fail. From extensive weather/rainfall to a power outage, your sump pump may not be able to tackle the intensity. Under normal circumstances, sure; but under severe ones, that’s a different story.

When a sump pump failure occurs, look to a battery backup pump. This device works on a battery-operated power system and not a traditional hookup. That means this solution is good-to-go as soon as your traditional sump pump stops working. In most cases, the backup pump doesn’t skip a beat. Homeowners report no lapse in pumping during these times the switch occurs.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Cost

When calculating the total cost of a battery backup sump pump, you should consider more than just an average installation fee. Various factors – the type of pump, the kind of flooring, and the location of your home – will affect the total cost. When you compare contractor fees, do not automatically choose the cheapest options; contractors who charge less may not do quality work. In time, shoddy workmanship will likely cause the sump pump to break down.

The technicians here at Reichelt Plumbing have the experience and equipment to install both backup and primary sump pumps successfully. Before any work begins, we will write up a complete quote for our services. We promise not to include any hidden fees or extortionate costs. Our affordably priced, high-quality sump pump services have helped us gain a dedicated group of clients.

Sump Pump Battery Backup Installation

A professional sump pump installation should include a working backup system, to protect against breakdowns and significant power outages. Your sump pump protects your home from disaster. A primary system failure could result in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. In the end, you could face both major repair work and higher insurance premiums.

To avoid all of this, invest in a working backup system. A battery-powered sump pump backup consists of a single battery, the battery-powered pump, and some additional piping. The best systems cost more but include a long-lasting battery. Unlike water-powered sump pumps, a backup can function without a water supply. By installing a backup system along with the primary sump pump, our technicians aim to give your home complete protection.

Top Names in the Industry for Battery Backup Sump Pumps

At Reichelt Plumbing, we stand by our reputation. We are known in our community as a reliable resource for all plumbing needs. Because of this, we only offer the best names in the industry when it comes to products. With that said, battery backup sump pumps are no exception. We offer solutions from both…

Zoeller Pump Company – from their Aquanot series, and
Ion Products – with energy efficient motors.

Whether you’re looking for a battery backup sump pump that can handle the heavy duty job during a power outage, a pump that is energy efficient, or something that meets both of these criteria, look to Reichelt first. We understand the value in a thorough installation, a quality product, and open communication between customer and installer.

When you’re ready to have that battery backup sump pump become a reality for your home, contact Reichelt Plumbing. From start to finish – and from a power outage to up and running on battery backup – we’re the resource your plumbing deserves!

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