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The Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning vs. Do-It-Yourself Options

May 10, 2018 Contributor

Your plumbing system must be well-maintained and thoroughly cleaned on occasion for the best results. A dirty system leads to clogs, leaks, and odd odors. These troubles are typically avoidable, though. If you don’t want a plumbing disaster on your plate, schedule regular professional drain cleaning service. It’s the best way to ensure a clean drain, free of debris and grime. DIY just cannot hold a candle to professional service!

Safety for All

Most homeowners do not realize that drain cleaning products sold in the grocery or hardware store contain harmful chemicals. Store-bought drain cleaning products add to the debris clogging your system, and even speed up the rate of corrosion.

Instead, consider professional service. A plumber will use innovative methods, such as hydro-jetting or rotor-rooting, to resolve the problem in one go!


When performing DIY tasks we often make mistakes, which can lead to costly repairs and occasional embarrassment. When hiring a professional right out of the gate, you’ll get a well-trained and skilled drainage specialist straight to your door. These trained technicians provide a broad range of drainage services, and come prepared with industry-grade equipment and years of experience. Even the most complex drainage issues are no match!

Plumbing Longevity

Performing regular maintenance and drain cleaning on your pipes and drains will ensure the entire system lasts longer and works more efficiently. With the help of a professional, you reduce the chances of plumbing emergencies that cost immense amounts of time, money, and damage to your home.

Furthermore, extending the lifespan of your drainage and plumbing systems is always a good thing. A plumbing system is an investment. The longer it lasts, the more return you’ll see on that investment!

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