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Does Your Neighborhood Need a New Fire Hydrant Installation?

October 30, 2014 admin

New Fire Hydrant InstallationWhen you step outside your home, can you spot a fire hydrant? These life-saving devices play a very important role in keeping your community and your home safe. These systems were developed long ago in ancient China, where cauldrons of water were placed at intervals throughout the country in case of fires.

If you stepped outside, but couldn’t locate a fire hydrant, contact us at Reichelt Plumbing in order to begin the process of fire hydrant installation for the improved safety of your neighborhood and community.

Benefits of the Community Fire Hydrant System

There are numerous important advantages to have a comprehensive community fire hydrant system. These include:

1. Quick and easy access to water for fire fighters during an emergency.
2. The ability to rapidly access high pressured water in an emergency.
3. The correct fire hydrant installation in Schererville, Crown Point, Matteson, and Tinley Park brings easy-to-use hydrants to those who need to access the systems most.
4. Some hydrant systems are self-sufficient, reducing the needs for maintenance.
5. Home and business owners may find that access to a fire hydrant system also provides some benefits on their insurance policies.

Who Should Be Concerned about Fire Hydrants?

Maybe you feel like a community leader or one of your neighbors should be taking this step. In truth, your civic authorities will be an important part of the decision making. However, there are many examples where community issues are addressed because a private citizen took steps.

As you consult with our plumbing experts, they can speak with you about the effects, if any, that a fire hydrant system will have on your home appliances, such as tankless water heaters.

Contact Reichelt Plumbing and find out how we can help: (219) 322-4906 .

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