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5 Ways Water Can Destroy an Otherwise Perfect Day in Crown Point

November 19, 2014 John Nosal

Ways-Water-Can-Destroy-an-Otherwise-Perfect-Day-Crown-PointAs plumbers, we talk a lot about conserving water in Crown Point; after all, without water what are we? Non-existent. But what we don’t always talk about is water as an enemy, a destroyer, a nuisance. You see, water is what you make of it, and sometimes water needs a little coaxing to stay in the right places, so that water damages don’t occur.

Here’s how water can destroy your day:

Water can flood your basement. If your sump pump can’t pump water out fast enough, your belongings might as well be at the bottom of a river. Get necessary sump pump repairs in Crown Point BEFORE your valuable stuff gets submerged. Learn the signs that your sump pump is on the fritz.

Water can wreck your pretty wallpaper. Chances are if you like steamy hot showers your wallpaper is destined for ruin. The warm, moist air from your shower can cause your wallpaper to wrinkle and bump.

Water can burst from frozen pipes. You’d be surprised how much water can spew out of a burst pipe. Winterize your pipes with help from our Crown Point plumbers.

Water can condensate on your drinking glass and leave an ugly ring behind. This one has a simple fix—show water who’s boss by using a coaster.

Water can overflow from your toilet. An overflowing toilet can cause a really big mess. Keep water in its place by keeping drains clear. Avoid flushing items like wipes, kitty litter, and paper towels. If you need drain cleaning in Crown Point or new toilet installation, call Reichelt Plumbing.

Don’t let water ruin your day in Crown Point or Schererville, IN! Reichelt Plumbing is here to make sure your plumbing pipes and sump pump are ready to keep water where it belongs! For emergency plumbing service any time of year, contact Reichelt Plumbing.

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