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Five Things You Should Never Throw in Your Toilet

September 19, 2018 Contributor
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There are many things that people just don’t know should not be flushed down your toilet. To plumbing professionals all of these things seem like common sense. Sure – but we also understand that many people aren’t familiar with the internals of the plumbing system that will be affected by their choice – whether to flush it or toss it! Here are five things to file away in your mind that should never be thrown in your toilet – and when in doubt, you should always choose the garbage can.

1. Sanitary Wipes

Whether these are baby wipes, disinfecting wipes for your home, or any other higher-strength paper wipes, we’ve got news for you – they’re going to lodge in your home’s plumbing and create a very costly clog. In terms of paper products, you should not even flush facial tissue down the toilet. The only thing that belongs in there is toilet paper!

2. Feminine Hygiene Products

All women need to know that their sanitary napkins and tampon applicators cannot be flushed down the toilet under any circumstances. These products are one of the most common sources of substantial clogs in a home’s pipes – the kind that will need a professional’s skill to service and salvage your plumbing or septic system. Rather than being flushed, they need to be wrapped and placed in the wastebasket.

3. Cigarette Butts

If you’re a cigarette smoker, you should know the risk that cigarette butts can pose to your plumbing and septic system, if you are a routine flusher of them. Regardless of whether you’re trying to minimize the smoke smell or think it’s a good disposal method, butts will catch up to your plumbing, and could cost you a significant amount of money for a septic specialist.

4. Cotton Swabs and Cotton Balls

Who doesn’t like these handy cotton products? But once you use cotton swabs to clean your ears, or cotton balls for makeup removal or other purposes, they can only be disposed of in the garbage can. Because these items do not deteriorate, they can greatly contribute to taking your plumbing or septic system out of commission for awhile.

5. Chewing Gum

This one is not as common, but it’s not unheard of. Once your chewing gum has lost its flavor, wrap it in paper and throw it in the trash. Chewing gum’s adhering capabilities can stick to other pieces of debris. This can create a solid mass that must be professionally taken care of by a plumber.

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