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Frozen Pipes – Can a Homeowner Repair on Their Own?

January 17, 2018 Contributor

This winter has already brought its fair share of ice and snow to Northwest Indiana and South Cook County, Illinois, which means the risk of a frozen pipe is significantly higher than usual. If you come across a frozen pipe in your own home, don’t panic: as serious as the situation may seem, it’s best to handle the next steps carefully.

1. Determine How Dire the Problem Is

The first step is to figure out if you can easily access the pipe. If you can, examine the severity of the freeze. Then test the faucets throughout your home to see how far the frozen ice has traveled. If only one pipe is frozen, leave your other faucets dripping to ensure that none of the rest freeze.

2. Use a Hair Dryer to Carefully Thaw the Pipe

Pull out your hair dryer and plug it in, but only if there is absolutely no water in the immediate area in which you intend to use the device. Remember, standing water and hair dryers are a dangerous combination, so only rely on a hair dryer if you’re sure that it is entirely safe to do so. Work the stream of warm air back and forth across the pipe, starting with the less frozen end. Continue the heating process until the water pressure finally returns.

3. Let the Faucet Continue to Drip Until the Freezing Temperatures End

Once the pipe is no longer frozen, make sure that it continues to drip until the cold weather has passed. You wouldn’t want it to freeze again after it just finished thawing.

If you cannot reach the frozen pipe or if all of the faucets in your home have frozen, you’ll need to call in professional assistance. Don’t put off the call to an emergency plumber; every minute that passes increases the risk of a burst pipe, which can cause catastrophic flood damage to your home.

If you are in need of an emergency plumbing service in Northwest Indiana or South Cook County, Illinois, contact Reichelt Plumbing Inc. Their trained professionals can handle all of your plumbing repairs, from a frozen pipe to a clogged toilet. Call (219) 322-4906 or visit to set up an appointment.

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