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Gear Up for Spring with a Whole Hope Repiping

February 27, 2013 admin

Whole Hope RepipingYour plumbing system can operate for decades without much worry, but pipes can eventually start to fail. Hidden in the walls, the leaks can cause extensive damage as the slow drips damage your home’s wood frame, encourage the growth of mold, and destroy sections of your home. Trained professionals from Reichelt Plumbing can pinpoint the source of the leak and make repairs, but it’s far better to avoid the drama of a hidden leak in the first place. When you repipe the house, you can rest easy knowing that your pipes will remain free of leaks for several more decades.

Avoid Drywall Damage

With help from your trusted Schererville plumber, you can avoid damage to the drywall in your home. If a pipe is actively damaged, large sections of drywall usually have to be removed to make necessary repairs. With repiping services, you can avoid this drama. Instead of removing large areas that are damaged or blocking the leak, we only have to disturb a small area to put the new pipes in place.


Call for services after a leak starts and you will need a plumber for the work, drywallers to make the repairs, and painters to restore everything to normal. With home repiping services, you will save a small fortune on the expense of drywallers and painters. You can also trust that the repairs will last for decades to come, helping you save on repairs down the road.

Fast Service

Tracking down a leak is time-consuming, which can lead to higher residential plumbing repair bills. Repiping your whole home, however, can be done is a surprisingly short period of time. This makes the service convenient for your family and provides you with peace of mind to know that your system is ready to go.

Prepare for Spring and protect the value of your home by investing in repiping services. Reichelt Plumbing is dedicated to customer service and is proud to keep your plumbing service working properly by running new pipes. It’s surprisingly fast and affordable, and you will appreciate knowing that your system is ready for use. Call us at (219) 322-4906 to learn more about this service.

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