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How Fire Damage Restoration Service Helps Preserve Your Property After a Tragedy

March 7, 2017 Contributor

Fire Damage Repair Services South Cook County ILWhen your home or business has been damaged by a fire, you can feel overwhelmed. You may think that there is no hope to restore your property. However, with fire damage restoration services, you can preserve your property after a tragedy.

There are two types of damages your home or business can suffer after a fire: water damage and fire damage. Fire damage restoration services can help dry out and clean up this damage and restore your property to usable or livable condition.

Water Damage

Your fire restoration service provider will first address any water damage.  All of the water that was used to extinguish the fire and save your structure can cause its own damage if left to pool and stagnate. It will seep into your walls, flooring, cabinets, and other parts of your home or business.

By using high-powered dehumidifiers, fans, and other equipment, your fire restoration services team will work to eliminate both standing and absorbed moisture, and prevent the growth of mold.  The longer the water sits, the more likely you are to experience mold issues. Therefore, it is vital that the water damage to your property be addressed in a timely manner, so that further damage can be prevented.

Fire Damage

Addressing the damage from the fire itself is the next step in preserving your property after a tragedy.  Your fire restoration services team will work to assess the damage to your structure, remove and replace any compromised building materials, and remove soot stains from walls. They will also use special chemical treatments, and thoroughly deodorize your home to eliminate any residual smoke smell.

The time following a fire can be one of the most stressful of your life. Let the fire restoration services specialists at Reichart Plumbing help you to preserve your property and get back to your life after tragedy strikes.

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