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How to Replace the Splash Guard on a Garbage Disposal

February 6, 2018 Contributor

The splash guard, otherwise known as that flappy rubber gasket on your garbage disposal drain, is built to last for years when maintained and cleaned properly. Furthermore, if you use your disposal sparingly, you’ll notice the splash guard withstands the test of time rather easily, too. When the unit does become cracked or brittle, however, there is no excuse not to replace the piece. The splash guard is a quick, easy fix and costs less than $10 for a new part at any nearby hardware store.


To get started, you simply need a bucket, your replacement splash guard, and a screwdriver. You will want to examine your garbage disposal to determine whether a Phillips head or flathead screwdriver is required.

First, disconnect the disposal from its power source. Most garbage disposals have a single cord plugging into an outlet under the sink. If your disposal is hardwired, find the breaker box and flip the corresponding breaker switch for your disposal. Be sure to test the system before beginning any work.

Replacing the Splash Guard

With your disposal disconnected from its power source, you may now replace the splash guard. First, unplug the disposal form the drain pipe. This connection is typically two or more screws. If you have a second line, remove that as well.

The splash guard is fit snugly on top of the disposal, like a plastic lid. Peel the old, broken splash guard away, wipe the top of your disposal off with a clean rag, then snap the new one in place. Once that is finished, you may reconnect the water connections and electricity to the unit.

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