How to Avoid Clogged Drains Ahead of the Holidays in South Cook County, IL

Family gathering together for their holiday dinner. Reichelt Plumbing, Inc.
Photo by Yuganov Konstantin for Shutterstock

The holiday season is about to kick off. This is such an exciting time, and without a doubt, you probably plan on playing host or hostess in some way. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party, a dinner, or have visiting family members, your plumbing is going to be a little busier for the next couple of months. With that being said, clogged drains are something we see all the time, and they can cause major aggravation for you and your houseguests – a clogged drain is never convenient. At Reichelt Plumbing, Inc., we offer emergency drain cleaning, but we also want to give our area neighbors some important tips on how they can help avoid clogged drains – before they have a full house this holiday season!

The Kitchen Drain

The kitchen drain is the most likely to clog throughout the holiday season. You’re cooking often, there are many dishes to wash, and something may very well go wrong. By the time the holidays are over, that drain is without a doubt going to be exhausted. With that being said, there are some “prevention steps” you can take concerning your kitchen drain.

  • Even if you have a disposal in your kitchen sink, do not frequently take the liberty of emptying large amounts of food into it. Disposals were never meant to replace garbage cans. The only food that should be going down a disposal is food in very small pieces.
  • Again, regardless of whether or not you have a disposal, there are foods that you absolutely cannot let go down your drain due to the risk of clogs forming. Grease, potato skins, eggshells, banana peels, and coffee grounds are some of them. They can form sturdy clogs that will take professional tools to remove.
  • When using your garbage disposal, as the machine is running, make sure you have cold water running down the drain as well. Allow it to continue for a few seconds after the disposal has been shut off.

Bathroom Drains

Whether it’s the shower drain in your bathroom or the sink drain, there are important steps to take here, too. The main cause of bathroom clogs? You guessed it: hair. We are always losing hair, whether in full strands or broken hair from brushing, and these pieces can contribute to massive clogs in your sink or shower drain. At your sink, if you see any pieces of hair that have fallen, do not just flush them down the drain, move them to the garbage can! In your shower, there are inexpensive drain inserts that can catch hair and debris as it falls. Simply empty it periodically, and you’ve done your part to prevent a drain clog in your bathroom. A good rule of thumb is to flush your pipes every once in a while to potentially dislodge any residue that may be forming. Avoid harsh chemicals to remove clogs – use an easy-to-make a homemade solution with baking soda and vinegar instead.

Your Local Drain Professionals Are at Reichelt Plumbing, Inc.

At Reichelt Plumbing, Inc., our plumbing experts make drain cleaning a relatively easy process. First try taking the steps above to avoid having to deal with drain trouble this holiday season. But if something does get clogged and disrupts your holiday fun, call us at [phone]. We are based in Schererville, IN and serve all of Southwest Indiana and South Cook County in Illinois.


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