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How to Choose a New Hot Water Heater

July 14, 2015 Contributor

Hot Water HeaterChoosing the right water heater for your household can prevent common annoyances with running out of hot water. There are factors you need to consider before choosing your next hot water heater.

Consider The Size

One of the most important aspects of selecting the right water heater is the size that fits your needs. If you plan to start or expand your family at some point in the future, you should consider your future needs. Having a large family, frequent overnight guests and many household appliances that use hot water can all factor into your hot water usage.

Think About Recovery Time

Another frustration is a hot water heater that takes forever to recover once the hot water runs out. When you expect to use high volumes of hot water in your home, you not only want a larger hot water heater to prevent hot water from running out, but you also want a system that will quickly heat up the water. It is never appropriate to turn up the temperature on your hot water heater in hopes it will heat up faster.

Choose the Right Fuel For The Job

The type of fuel or the energy source of your water heater will likely sway your decision. If your home currently runs on all electric appliances, you may not want the extra installation costs associated with a gas or propane water heater. When you consider the energy source for your next water heater, make sure you take into account the upfront and long-term costs.

Upfront costs will include the water heater itself and the installation. The long-term costs of using of the system may be more important. Some systems, such as geothermal systems, can be a significant upfront investment. However, any tax incentives for installing a geothermal system combined with the lower operational costs and long lifespan of the system can be a wise decision.

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