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How to Get the Latest Bathtub Technology

July 14, 2015 Contributor

Plumber Portrait Schererville INHaving a high-tech bathtub may be one of the last things you consider when thinking about remodeling your home. However, bathtub technology is a great addition to your home and can provide you with significant therapeutic benefits.

Hydrotherapy Bathtubs

If you’re deciding on a new bathtub, what better way to soak away the stress of the day or soothe your aches and pains than with hydrotherapy? You can receive a combination of heat therapy and massage by selecting the right tub. Tubs with hydrotherapy options are temperature controlled so you can adjust the heat to your comfort level and needs.

For massages, some bathtubs use bubbles or water jets to create the massaging effect. You can adjust the massage to target a specific area of your body or for an overall body massage. Want the best of both worlds? Some hydrotherapy tubs combine the use of bubbles and water jets for the optimum experience.


You might be surprised that different scents can change your mood. For your next bathtub, consider purchasing a tub that combines aromatherapy with hydrotherapy. Many bathtubs that use aromatherapy allow you to put your selected scent into the water and the tub provides a continuous stream of the scent. Scents, such as lavender, can be relaxing and help improve stress or muscle tension.

Chromotherapy Features

When purchasing your next bathtub, lights may be the last thing you think about. Chromotherapy is the use of light for therapeutic effects. Bathtubs that use chromotherapy include different color lights you can adjust depending on the effect you want to achieve.

For example, when you wake up in the morning, you probably want a boost of energy. Red light can be invigorating, which can help you start your day on the right foot. If you’re slipping into the bathtub right before bed, you will probably want the soothing and relaxing power of a soft blue light to encourage a restful sleep.

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