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How to Shut Off Your Main Water Valve

November 28, 2017 Contributor

main water valveIf your plumbing system is malfunctioning, you will probably need to stop your water supply completely while you make the necessary repairs. In most cases, you can do this pretty simply by following these steps.

Figure Out Where the Shut Off Valve Is

Typically, your main shut off valve will be a brass valve with a round handle located near the main water pipe going into your home. If you’re not sure where yours is, try looking in the kitchen, downstairs somewhere, or in a utility room. If you live in a warm climate, the valve may be outside, but Northerners will most likely locate theirs inside the home.

Turn the Valve Knob Clockwise

Once you find your shut off valve, grasp the attached handle and turn it clockwise. This may be fairly difficult if you rarely turn off your water supply. Wear a glove to protect your hand if necessary. After the handle is turned, the appliances in your home should no longer have access to a water supply.

Run All of the Sinks, Showers and Baths in Your Home

Sometimes, your home’s appliances will have a reservoir of usable water even after you shut the main valve off. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to turn all of your appliances on and run them until the water stops flowing completely. Once they are empty, you can start making your plumbing repairs without worrying about the water supply. To turn the water supply back on after you’re finished, simply crank the shut off valve knob in the opposite direction.

Not sure how to perform your plumbing repairs or safely shut off your water supply? Call a reliable company like Reichelt Plumbing. Their team of professionals can perform maintenance and conduct repairs efficiently, and you won’t have to do the hard work. Call the company today to schedule an appointment or speak to a plumbing expert.

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