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How Illinois Plumbers Repair Leaking Pipes

June 22, 2018 Contributor
Water flowing from burst pipe. Reichelt Plumbing, Schererville, IN.

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There are few situations worse than a plumbing leak. A minor leak may seem like an inconvenience, however, a leak can quickly take a turn for the worse. If that happens, you’re looking at extensive water damage, costly repairs, and potential replacements. A professional plumber can help, though. We utilize expert methods and equipment to repair plumbing leaks quickly and efficiently.

Tub and Shower Leaks

When it comes to tub or shower leaks, there are generally two categories: splash leaks and tile leaks.

Splash leaks occur where water gets past the shower curtain or door. These leaks may appear minor; however, over time, the damage to your subfloor can be significant.

Tile leaks occur when water seeps through eroded grout or caulk, infiltrating the wall behind the tile. The strength of the tile will determine whether the tile itself falls from the wall, rotting the wall framing or damaging the subfloor. Warning signs often include loose tiles, persistent mold, peeling paint, and stains.

These leaks require an expert plumber. In many cases, a pipe inside the bathroom wall has sprung a leak and is beginning to seep through the wall itself. We may need to replace the interior pipe altogether. It’s a relatively quick, inexpensive fix.

Plumbing Leak Techniques

Depending on the severity of the leak, a few common techniques may be used. For example, your plumber may wish to implement a temporary fix until a more resolute solution can be administered. Such temporary fixes include:

  • Pipe Clamps – Pipe clamps are used to clamp down on the leaking joint, containing the water.
  • Epoxy – Epoxy is best suited for cast iron pipes. The compound will patch up a leak until a full replacement can be implemented.
  • Repair Sleeves – A repair sleeve is ideal for joint or pinhole repairs. Similar to clamps, they provide a strong fix for a limited time.

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