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Importance of Fire Hydrant Inspection

November 3, 2017 Contributor

In an effort to prepare for the unexpected, construction sites and private property are required to have one or more working fire hydrants. Local commercial and residential plumbing contractors, like Reichelt Plumbing, offer fire hydrant inspections as part of their regular plumbing services.

Learn why it is so important that property owners and construction project managers schedule regular, routine fire hydrant inspections through a local residential or commercial plumbing contractor.

Properly Maintained Fire Hydrants Prevent Property Damage and Save Lives

Private property and construction sites aren’t required to have working fire hydrants because they look pretty. They are required because they prevent property damage and save lives.

Easy access to a properly working fire hydrant can help prevent the spread of a fire should one occur at a construction site or on private property. That working fire hydrant can also save lives as the fire is quickly extinguished before it could put anyone’s life at risk.

What Occurs During a Fire Hydrant Inspection?

During a fire hydrant inspection, experienced plumbers will do the following:

  • Inspect the hydrant for any visible signs of damage that may have occurred due to vandalism or accidents
  • Look for anything that may prevent easy access to the hydrant, such as fences, poles or landscaping
  • Verify that the hydrant properly works
  • Check the interior of the hydrant to make sure nothing prevents or restricts its water flow
  • Verify that all outlets are placed properly so they can be connected to a pumper
  • Check the drain to make sure it closes properly
  • Verify that the ground and hydrant outlets are at the proper clearance levels

If the plumbers notice any problems during their inspection, they have the experience and knowledge needed to conduct any and all plumbing repairs.

The last thing you want to happen is to have a fire to break out without easy access to a water supply because the fire hydrants either aren’t installed or aren’t working. Contact Reichelt Plumbing to schedule a fire hydrant inspection or maintenance appointment with one of our commercial plumbing contractors.

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