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How Much Damage Can a Broken Water Pipe Cause

February 27, 2015 Natalie Gould

Broken Water Pipe CauseUnless you have witnessed the devastation caused by a broken water pipe, it is very unlikely that you can imagine just what it can do. We aren’t talking about the little annoying drip,drip,drip of a faucet or leaking hose, but a damaged water pipe (especially if undiscovered) can ruin a home – leading to structural damage and loss of internal walls and ceilings.


Water is actually quite heavy – if you’ve ever gone to pick up a container that’s full of water, you’ll have some idea. Its approximate weight is 10lb per gallon, with average flow rates, you could have the equivalent of a Toyota Prius or two (in weight) in less than 24 hours – imagine if you are away for a few days!

Water Damage

Aside from the actual weight, water can get everywhere and has the ability to soak into many materials – dry wall lining is a classic example; once the dry wall has been damaged by water, there is no other choice than to replace it. There are many types of wood that are also susceptible if they are exposed for any length of time.


If you’re insured, getting your home sorted out is usually pretty easy, although very time consuming and can take months. But what about the treasured family possessions? Even if they are replaceable, they still won’t be your possessions, just a replacement – it won’t have your history behind it.


If you have noticed any type of plumbing problem, especially a leak, you should try and get it sorted out sooner rather than later, before it turns in to a plumbing disaster. Here at Reichelt, our professionals will only ever give you unbiased and expert advice as to what is the best solution to your problem.

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