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Plumbing Issues Revealed with Pipe Cameras

March 19, 2013 admin

Plumbing Issues Revealed Pipe CamerasThe backup of your plumbing pipes can result in water damages that require costly repairs. If a sewer pipe or the plumbing lines in your home are visually inspected on a regular basis, a Crown Point plumber can pinpoint any problems within the pipe. At Reichelt Plumbing, our technologically advanced plumbing camera inspections can help our technicians pinpoint small problems with amazing accuracy. We can then repair them with as little invasion to your home and property as possible.

The following is some of the biggest problems that our plumbers notice in our camera inspections. These problems can often go unnoticed by homeowners until they present an even bigger, costlier emergency repair. Our inspections are designed to prevent this.

Tree Roots

The infiltration of tree roots is the biggest cause of water backups into a home. A video inspection will indicate the presence of any roots and their precise location.

Dislodged Pipes

The shifting of the ground beneath your home can cause plumbing pipes to become dislodged and even misaligned. Movement of plumbing pipes can cause improper water flow and erosion that can be costly to repair. This movement is often very slow, so regular inspections can track movement and stop any further damages to your pipes.

Leaking Joints

Leaking at the joints of plumbing pipes occurs when seals fail. Seals are used to connect two pieces of pipe together. If your pipe does have leaking joints, water coming from these problems can lead to soil erosion or could cause structural damage.


Plumbing pipes made of inferior materials can begin to deteriorate and corrode over time. This can lead to a collapsed or crushed section of pipe. The camera inspections performed by our licensed plumbers will show if any of your piping has collapsed and precisely where the collapse occurred.


Pipes that have any type of blockage will not properly drain water or sewage from your home. A video inspection will indicate if you need a drain cleaning if foreign or indisposable items have been caught within your plumbing system.

If you have any questions about piping inspections, contact Reichelt Plumbing at (219) 322-4906.

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