Schedule Preventative Maintenance for Sump Pumps in Crown Point, Schererville and Beyond to Prevent Disaster in Crown Point

Preventative Maintenance Sump Pumps Crown PointYou know the saying, “When it rains, it pours”? Well, people in flood-zones know this more than anyone. Flooding is one of the worst things that can happen to your home because of the wide range of damage it causes. Sometimes, property owners have to tear down the entire property and start over. Flooding can cause damage to the support beams of the home, destroy drywall, and create an environment for mildew and mold to grow in your home. If you do not find the source soon enough, the mold will spread throughout your entire home. As it spreads, it brings a wide variety of health problems such as increased allergies, onset of asthma, and many other problems.

Thankfully, property owners have access to a device that can help prevent flooding and reduce the moisture in your basement. This device is called a Sump Pump. The pump sits over a pit and is designed to detect any moisture in the basement of your property. You can think of it almost like your toilet, but backwards. Your toilet is equipped with a floater that detects when the tank is full. This is what tells the toilet to stop filling the tank with water. In a similar manner, the sump pump is equipped with a sensor or floater that is meant to detect any water that fills the pit. Unlike the toilet, though, the pump is designed to drain all water out of the pit from the moment it senses it. It should only continue to run as long as water is in the pit. The device is meant to turn off automatically once the water is completely drained. Now, this device is fantastic as long as it operates properly. Regular maintenance inspections can help prevent significant problems and damage in the future. Here are a few tips that your pump might not be working properly.

Your basement smells like a sewer
You feel dampness in the basement
The basement is flooded
The sump pump constantly runs, makes loud noises, or cycles on and off randomly

There are a variety of reasons that the sump pump may not be operating properly; however, a licensed technician should be called to examine the unit. Licensed technicians, like those at Reichelt Plumbing have the tools and training to combat any problems they discover with your sump pump. They can also examine the unit to determine if the unit is too old (over 15 years) and should be replaced. If replacement is needed, our technicians will discuss options and provide recommendations based on your needs. Our Crown Point certified plumbers want to take care of sump pump repairs and installations BEFORE our valued customers suffer the consequences of spring flooding. If you need sump pump service or any plumbing service in Crown Point, Northwest Indiana, or South Cook County, Illinois, don’t hesitate to give Reichelt Plumbing a call right away!


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