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Surprising Things You Should Not Throw in Your Garbage Disposal

July 3, 2018 Contributor

Today’s garbage disposal systems offer so many advantages to homeowners. First of all, these units help keep a clean kitchen. You’ll deal with less food waste overall, which makes cleanup a breeze. However, your disposal is not a catchall. It’s not designed to grind or process coffee grounds, grease, or fatty oils. To enjoy an efficient, long-lasting garbage disposal, avoid these items!

Coffee Grounds

You’ve likely heard that putting coffee grounds down the garbage disposal reduces foul odors. Unfortunately, this is beneficial only in the short-term. Overall, coffee grounds can cause significant damage to your disposal. Coffee grounds reduce into a dense, thickly-packed mass. This mass is then jammed into the disposal, where it sticks to the sides, causing a significant clog.


True, a few scraps from your plate are fine. However, don’t dispose of an entire bowl of pasta using the garbage disposal. As you know from experience, when you cook pasta too long, it expands and gets too mushy. When you run water down the disposal, any chunks of pasta left in the drain can soak up even more water. The pasta expansion can cause a clog, leading to interior damage to the disposal and your pipes.


A disposal is built to grind up and dispose of food waste. Right – bones are definitely food waste, but you never want to put bones down the drain! A disposal is not a wood chipper. They are not built to grind really hard items like bones. If you drop a chicken or fish bone down the drain, don’t panic. The unit can handle the occasional work. Just don’t make a habit of it, though!

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