Top 3 Causes of Bathroom Sink Clogs

When most people think of bathroom clogs, they assume the problem lies in the toilet or shower drain. However, the bathroom sink is another common spot where clogs occur. If you’re experiencing backups when you brush your teeth or hassles while washing your hands, it’s probably time to seek a solution.

Bathroom Plumber

Here are the top 3 causes of bathroom sink clogs:


Hair is one of the most common culprits of drain clogs in the bathroom. While clogs from hair happen most often in shower and tub drains, they can also wreak havoc on bathroom sinks. Even the smallest strands can cause serious problems, as hair clumps when it is wet and can easily form a barrier for anything else attempting to make its way down the drain.

Fixing clogged drains due to hair buildup can be relatively simple, depending on how soon you find the problem. But if you leave drains with hair clogs unattended for too long, the increased pressure will make the clog worse, often leading to the need for professional plumbing help.

Foreign objects

If you’ve ever dropped anything valuable down the drain, you’ve likely been thankful for the existence of the P-trap – the bent pipe that catches water and prevents toxic gases from flowing up into the drain. However, while the P-trap is beneficial for finding lost items, it’s also the source of many bathroom sink clogs. Because of the shape of the P-trap, foreign objects can easily get stuck in the bend. Even items as small as an earring or soap scum can build up and create a barrier for proper drainage.

If you suspect a bathroom sink clog stemming from the P-trap, simply clean out the pipe with a spare toothbrush or similar cleaning device. (Just be careful to keep a bucket handy for any stale water that might leak from the trap!)

Damaged pipes

Perhaps the most troubling cause of bathroom sink clogs is damaged plumbing. Damaged pipes are unfortunately often difficult to diagnose, as corrosion and shifting pipes are typically left undetected until it is too late and problems have started to arise.

If your plumbing pipes are sagged, dented, or broken, you will need to install replacement pipes as soon as possible to prevent major damage. In the case of newer pipes failing, be sure to check your fasteners to make sure the pipes haven’t shifted. If you still can’t get to the source of the issue, it’s best to call in the professionals for thorough troubleshooting.

Professional drain cleaning in Schererville

There are many culprits for clogged bathroom drains. These are only three of the most common calls we receive from customers experiencing issues with their bathroom sinks. Luckily, most bathroom sink clogs are not caused by anything extremely difficult to fix, as long as they are found quickly – but if you can’t quite seem to get things flowing smoothly, contact Reichelt Plumbing.

Our team of licensed plumbers can find the source of the problem and offer affordable solutions. To schedule an appointment, call (219) 322-4906 today.


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