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What Green Guidelines Affect Commercial Construction

May 12, 2016 Contributor

What Green Guidelines Affect Commercial ConstructionMore and more people are thinking about the environment when they are building a property. If you are involved in commercial construction, you are probably well aware of the federal and state environmental guidelines and rules that help protect Mother Nature. Reichelt Plumbing believes we need to limit negative effects on our planet to keep it in pristine condition for future generations. Here are just a few of the green guidelines Reichelt Plumbing follows when we are hired for a commercial construction project.

Conservation of Water

During construction and installation of plumbing systems, it’s common for a lot of water waste to occur. Water is one of our most precious resources, and we believe it should not be needlessly wasted. Reichelt Plumbing utilizes specialized installation techniques to minimize water loss during construction.

Reducing Waste

Aside from water, there is a lot of waste that is produced during the commercial construction process. It is important that companies take steps not only to reduce the waste produced but also to recycle or reuse the waste to minimize releasing anything into the environment.

Efficient Equipment

When you are performing commercial construction, you always want to install plumbing that will last. Reichelt Plumbing only uses high-quality plumbing materials that have proved to be durable and long-lasting. When you use materials that work, it doesn’t become waste after a decade. That is important in taking care of the planet.

Professional Workers

Even though you use the best materials and reduce waste, if you don’t have a crew of professionals making sure it is all carried out, it doesn’t work. Reichelt Plumbing has a crew of licensed plumbers who have extensive training on green guidelines and eco-friendly commercial construction.

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