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How Leak Detection Is Used to Reduce Water Waste and Subsequent Costs in South Cook County

June 14, 2018 Contributor

For the most part, we rarely ever see the source of a leak in our home. We always notice the aftermath, though – including wet spots on the walls and flooring, paint blistering, high water bills each month, etc. Professional leak detection is the solution. When you suspect a leak, call an expert plumber promptly. We are better equipped to locate and track a leak. By finding the leak quickly, we reduce your headache and leave your wallet intact, too!

Saving Time and Money

Thanks to advances in modern technology, professional plumbers can pinpoint leaks without extra hassle or cost to you, the homeowner. We no longer need to dig up your property either. Advanced leak detection technology helps us track the problem to its source.

Using modern non-invasive methods, there is no mess left behind, just a quick fix. The quicker the fix, the less labor and fewer parts used in the meantime. You will save money!

Advantages of Leak Detection

Leak detection provides countless advantages over more traditional methods, including:

  • Precision – Leak detection equipment does not simply locate the general area of the leak. It detects an exact location, so there’s less digging involved.
  • Non-Destructive – Leak detection services utilize sophisticated equipment, leading to less damage to your home and landscape. As we stated before, you also don’t need to worry about messy cleanup!
  • Savings – Today’s leak detection services reduce overall costs. In fact, they are at an all-time low. There is no digging, no landscaping to repair, and no costly materials.

If you suspect a leak in your home, take advantage of professional leak detection. Do not sit idly by and let the condition get worse, as you’ll likely incur more damage and greater costs along the way.

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For professional leak detection services in South Cook County, call Reichelt Plumbing now at (219) 322-4906. We have the tools and training necessary to complete a leak detection job with ease!

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