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New Technologies in Plumbing You May Not Have Known About

June 8, 2016 Contributor

New Technologies In Plumbing You May Not Have Known AboutWhile our cell phones get smarter and smarter, computers get thinner and thinner; it is easy to overlook the technological advances that have been made in plumbing. Many people think of plumbing as just a bunch of pipes. However, new technologies have been helping people with their plumbing problems and saving people time and money. Here are just a few of the new devices on the market that will completely transform how you think about your plumbing.


Brainpipes is a revolutionary new way to set up the plumbing system in your home. This device uses sensors that are placed throughout your plumbing. It only sends water to a device that requests it. How is this a benefit? Imagine a world without leaky faucets or running toilets! Brainpipes will drastically reduce water waste, saving the consumer money and also helping preserve water during times of drought.

Thermal Switch

Everyone has heard of a thermal switch for electronic devices, but now that technology has been applied to plumbing. A thermal switch is a device that automatically shuts off power to a device when it reaches a certain temperature. Now you can purchase a gauge that monitors the temperature inside your water pipes. When the water gets too cold and is at risk of freezing, the switch turns off your water to prevent a busted pipe.

Leak Detection Software

One of the most common plumbing repairs in the United States is a leak repair. Delta Leak Detection aims to use sensors and software to monitor your plumbing and alert you right away when a leak is detected. This can cut down significantly on the water damage caused by undetected leaks.

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