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Re-Piping a Home to Replace Corroded and Leaky Plumbing

August 14, 2012 admin

Re-Piping a Home to Replace Corroded and Leaky PlumbingYou may be surprised to learn that the plumbing will not last forever in a home without problems. Over time, pipes can wear out and leak. To prevent damage to your home’s structure from water leaks and the high cost of wasted water, have your home’s plumbing system re-piped. This replaces the old, corroded plumbing with new lines. If you need this service, contact us at Reichelt Plumbing.

There are many reasons to have a residential plumbing service in Schererville re-pipe your home. Older homes may have used metal in the pipes that today has worn down and is deposited into your drinking water. This gives your water a bad taste. There are still some places that were built with lead piping, which could cause health problems if it leeches into your drinking water. This type of pipe does not comply with today’s plumbing building code standards and must be replaced if you want to sell your home.

The rate of corrosion for pipes depends on many factors, so there is no real way to pinpoint an exact number of years after installation you need to consider re-piping, but there are some symptoms to look for that re-piping can correct.

If you have constant leaks in your home, you may need a repiping leaky plumbing service. This can solve all the leaks in your home if your pipes are old compared to fixing each individual leak. Re-piping may also be needed if your pipes freeze or break. Noisy pipes can be corrected through replacement, and so, too, can low water pressure caused by numerous tiny leaks in your plumbing system.

If you think you may need your home re-piped, let us make an assessment of the situation and do the re-piping if you need it. For re-piping, or any other plumbing repairs you may need, call us today at Reichelt Plumbing at (219) 322-4906.

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