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What the Different Types of Plumbing Pumps Do

November 13, 2012 admin

Different Types Plumbing PumpsWe here at Reichelt Plumbing understand the importance of having the right equipment for any particular plumbing repair or site construction. Whether you have a simple home plumbing repair, a massive basement flood, or need an industrial pump installation, we’ve not only got the materials but also the in-depth knowledge to properly choose, use, and install whatever you might need. Although pumps come in many different sizes, shapes, materials, and modes of power, they all fall into one of two categories: submersible and non- submersible, the most common using centrifugal motors for safety concerns.

Submersible pumps are made to actually be inside the liquid they are pumping. These pumps break down into further classifications, such as sump pumps, sewage ejection pumps, transfer/pony pumps to name some of the most common.

  • A sump pump would be installed in either residential or other buildings that have basements below the water table or very low points on the property that tend to accumulate water.
  • A sewage ejection pump would be the type installed in your septic tank, since it is of a certain material and construction to handle pumping moderate amounts of solid waste.
  • A transfer/pony pump is one that is simply used to move volumes of water from one place to another, such as a flooded basement that lacks a pre-installed sump pump or major construction site that is being built below the water table.

Smaller, more portable and user-friendly types of transfer pumps could be easily used to drain a waterbed or fish tank, while the larger ones could create an artificial lake from a natural body of water.

Non-submersible pumps, also called inline pumps, are not designed to be inside the liquids they would pump. This also means that they are easier to access and maintain, since the motor itself doesn’t have to be completely sealed. The most common use for non-submersible pumps in Indiana and Illinois is for circulating heated water or other liquids to warm homes in the chilly winters. These pumps in particular are known as circulator pumps, and are incredibly low-maintenance as well as energy-efficient.

Whatever your pumping needs are, Reichelt Plumbing (and your Tinley Park plumbers here in SW Chicago) have the necessary plump installation, repair, and construction site knowledge—and equipment—to get your job done right! Call us today:

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