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2 Reasons your Pipes Might Need Relining

March 15, 2015 Natalie Gould

Pipes Might Need ReliningDealing with any type of plumbing problem can be a bad start to your day. Being able to have water when you need it is critical for easier living. However, problems with your water can occur, and these could be due to pipes that might need relining in your sewer. You should be sure to have a professional check your pipes and address this concern when necessary. By knowing some of the common reasons your pipes might need relining, this can prepare you in advance for what to look for in your plumbing.

Corroded Pipes

It’s possible for your pipes to get worn out over time, and this can lead to corrosion. This typically can’t be repaired and will either require your pipes to be relined or replaced. Most of your plumbing pipes are underground, and this can cause an excess of moisture to damage the pipes after years of being in use.

Tree Roots

It’s common for some homeowners to have trees in the yard, and, unfortunately, the sewer line may be placed in this area. Typically, the sewer may be installed without being aware of the trees and over years or decades a problem with the growing roots can hurt your sewer pipes. The roots can wrap around the sewer pipes and can cause significant damage that may require relining the pipes in place.

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