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3 Signs Your Tankless Water Heater Isn’t Functioning Properly

May 17, 2018 Contributor

When investing in your home’s plumbing system, few appliances stand out more than a tankless water heater. It is the perfect investment. Not only are tankless models energy-efficient, they save you money by providing on-demand hot water. While it’s uncommon, occasional issues may arise. It’s best to understand these issues and their early warning signs to schedule a quick fix.

Mineral Buildup

Mineral buildup is extremely common in both traditional and tankless water heater systems. You need to keep an eye out for the issue. Hard water contains a high mineral content. The harder your water, the higher the potential for harmful mineral buildup. The two most common minerals we see are Calcium and Magnesium, both of which lead to scaly buildup and impair the overall function of your tankless system.

The result of mineral buildup? You’ll notice less hot water is available over time.

System Overload

Depending on overall capacity, your tankless water heater should be capable of providing hot water throughout the house. However, too many hot water applications running at once leads to system overload. And if the system struggles to supply the needed hot water, it will shut down altogether.

By reducing the demand for hot water, you allow the system to adequately supply those in need at the time. You may want to consider resetting the system temperature, too.

Uneven Temperatures

While tankless systems are known as “instantaneous water heaters,” they do require time to heat the water properly. If you’ve just used up the entire supply washing clothes or in the shower, it will take some time to reheat more. Anyone who uses a water-based appliance in this time is likely in for a cold surprise. It’s best to wait a bit before showering in quick succession.

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