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3 Plumbing Fixes That can Put an End to Plumbing Noises

April 8, 2015 Contributor

Plumbing NoisesDo you frequently hear unexplained noises in your home? Are most of these heard when the sun goes down, and everything is quiet at home? If so, the sounds you hear could be a result of plumbing issues in your home. It’s ideal to listen to one of take the advice of a professional plumber why this may be occurring in your living space.

A POP or RUMBLE that comes from the water heater

Explanation: There’s a buildup of sediment in your water heater. When the sediment heats up, it releases moisture into the surrounding water, producing the strange noise.

Solution: Get water heater maintenance. Have your local plumber flush out your water heater to remove the sediment which can corrode your water heater and shorten its lifespan.

A GURGLE in your sink drain.

Explanation: There are two possibilities. One is that your drains are partially clogged and not draining well. The other is that your sink is not properly vented, and when you flush a nearby toilet it tries to pull air from the sink.

Solution: Call Reichelt Plumbing for a professional drain cleaning service so that water will flow out smoothly. If the drain is clear, discuss venting options with our licensed plumbers.

A constant DRIP in your sink.

Explanation: This means that you have a leaky faucet, and it should be fixed to stop the humdrum noise that often is accompanied by a faucet that constantly drips. Hearing this sound can simply be maddening to some homeowners.

Solution: If you have a drip that won’t stop, you most likely have a defective part in your faucet and this part needs to be replaced. If you’re handy, you may can do this on your own and if not, it’s important to choose an expert.

The professional Schererville plumbers have the training and expertise that is necessary for diagnosing plumbing problems and are well-equipped to get these fixed immediately for you. Don’t let your plumbing problem get you down, simply contact Reichelt Plumbing at (219) 322-4906 for the right solution today!

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