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5 Plumbing Emergencies You Can’t Ignore

October 16, 2015 Contributor

Emergency Plumbing Schererville, INNo one wants to deal with a plumbing emergency. It is much easier to push it aside and ignore it. However, there are some plumbing emergencies you can’t ignore. Not tending to a bad leak or clog has the potential to create a lot of costly damage to your home or business. Sometimes it is hard to assess what is really an emergency and what can wait. Reichelt Plumbing is happy to assist you with identifying the top plumbing emergencies you need to fix immediately.

1) Clogged sink

Daily activities can come to a halt when you have a clogged sink. If the water flow stops completely, you would want to get it fixed quickly. Otherwise, you risk your sink overflowing.

 2) Clogged Toilet

One of the most common plumbing emergencies is a clogged toilet. If your toilet is clogged or not flushing properly, you need to give a professional a call. An overflowing toilet is not something you would want in your home!

 3) Leaking Water Heater

If you are having issues with your hot water supply, you may want to check your water heater. A leak not only can cost you more in monthly water bills, but it also can rust easily, damaging the unit and promoting mold growth.

4) Broken Water Line

Sometimes trees, roots, or construction can cause an underground waterline to break. This causes the water pressure in your home to suddenly slow. Call a plumber right away or risk damage to the land around your home!

5) Sewer Backup

The ultimate plumbing emergency is a sewer system backup. It is smelly, messy, and costly. If you have bad odors coming from drains, gurgling toilets, or water pooling in your home, call in some help immediately!

If you have a plumbing emergency you can’t ignore, call Reichelt Plumbing at (219) 322-4906 today. We are happy to dispatch a plumbing expert to your home immediately!

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