5 Tips to Keep Your Pipes From Clogging

Hair in the shower drain, clogging pipes. Reichelt Plumbing, Inc.
Photo by CatherineL-Prod for Shutterstock

The worst thing you can have on your hands is a costly plumbing disaster from clogged pipes. The irritating part about it is that there are a lot of steps that we as homeowners can be taking ahead of time that greatly reduce the chances of a catastrophic clog in your pipes. Here are five tips to keep your pipes from clogging.

1. Add a Screen in Your Drain

This inexpensive installation works wonders when it comes to preventing clogs in your shower drain. The screens are usually plastic and porous, and go right under the top portion of your drain. They catch a large amount of hair and other debris that can easily build up over time to cause a clog. You can likely find them at any home or hardware store.

2. Clean Your Drains From Oily Soaps

Our common household hand soaps, lotions, and conditioners can cause build up in our pipes over time. A lot of people have not heard that, but it is true, and you need to take steps to effectively clean your pipes periodically in order to stifle the progress of buildup. Hot water and a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner should do the trick.   

3. Clean Your Stopper

Every bathroom sink should have a pop-up stopper that collects hair and debris as you use it. It can be astounding just how many materials can find their way into the stopper, which is why it is so important to clean it every once in awhile if you notice the water draining a little slower than usual. Always try to prevent hair from going down the drain, if you can.

4. Washing Machine Lint Catcher

Your washing machine has two hoses that connect to the appliance itself and the water supply line in your wall. Installing a lint catcher on the end of your hoses will work wonders in preventing major clogging as a result of lint and debris that accumulates with dirty clothes and garments.

5. Washing Out Your Toilet Pipes

This only applies if you have one of the environmentally conscious low-flow toilets. These machines are incredible innovations when it comes to saving water, but unfortunately, they can be harder on your pipes when there is not enough water to effectively carry away debris. You may need to add water to provide additional help in flushing away residue that could cause a clog down the road.

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At Reichelt Plumbing, Inc., if you have an emergency drain clog, we are ready and willing to service it for you. Clogged pipes are incredibly inconvenient, so we are happy to offer you our emergency services. We are also always available to do an inspection if you have a plumbing issue, or if you have other concerns, we are more than happy to help. To schedule an appointment, call us at [phone]. We are based in Schererville and serve Northwest Indiana and South Cook County in Illinois.


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