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Advanced Tools and Equipment Northwest Indiana Drain Cleaning Service Providers Use to Keep Drains Clear

June 12, 2018 Contributor

For many homeowners, plumbing troubles often begin in the bathroom or kitchen – the two most used rooms in any modern household. Over time, our drains, toilets, and other fixtures accumulate dirt and debris. The resulting clog is troublesome and sometimes smelly. Do-it-yourself methods will occasionally work for a time. However, professional tools and equipment tends to finish the job far better than any other method!

Professional Tools

Professional drain cleaning services tend to be a fantastic option. Why? They are reliable, affordable, and often increase the efficiency of your plumbing system. Dealing with a professional, that’s the type of service you can always rely on. To ensure such benefits are readily available, the right tools and equipment are needed for the job.

Today, most professional plumbers utilize video inspection devices to quickly locate a clog and determine its severity. If the problem is relatively simple, a quick snake/cable drain cleaning device is used to remove the problem.

When the clog is more severe, or perhaps you endure recurring clogs, then Hydro-Jetting is a new, innovative method that truly works!


Hydro-Jetting is best used on tough clogs and excessive buildup. Still, even these clogs cannot stand against a high-pressure hose. We utilize a hose with an attached nozzle designed specifically to release a blast of pressurized water through the pipes. The high-pressure water shoots through the pipe, removing the clog and flushing it away.

Unlike snake devices, however, Hydro-Jetting cleans the outer walls of the pipe, too. With a clean surface, there is less debris for further hair, soap scum, or grease to attach itself to. It is truly a full-service cleaning!

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