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Commercial Plumbing Basics and Helpful Maintenance Tips

February 12, 2018 Contributor

A commercial plumbing system is unique compared to a residential plumbing system. While both have the same general purpose, a commercial system is typically more profound – more pipework, stronger fittings, and more specialized uses, for example. Of course, the principal of maintenance still applies. Your system must be properly cared for to ensure productivity and efficiency.

Little Problems

Even the most stalwart of plumbing systems will endure little problems on occasion. However, even the smallest of issues can lead to severe damage and costly repairs down the line. You want to be proactive. Do not simply ignore the little issues because they are small.

If you notice a leak or a dripping faucet, consider handling the problem right then and there.

Flushing Correctly

In a commercial setting, the toilets are constantly in use by someone. Knowing what to flush and what not to flush can save your plumbing system a lot of trouble. For example, you should only be flushing toilet paper and waste, nothing more. Try to avoid feminine hygiene products, plastic objects, and the like.

Commercial Cleaners

You likely have a storage closet somewhere on the premises. Inside this little compartment, you’ll find various cleaning products, mops, and brooms to keep the building sparkling. We urge you to reconsider your commercial drain cleaners, though.

Many local businesses opt for cheap drain cleaning products to unclog pesky problems. The chemicals in these cleaners will effectively erode your pipes and cause even more damage. It is not worth the trouble nor the cost you’ll pay for said products. Instead, opt for professional maintenance to handle any troubles promptly!

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