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Common Sump Pump Problems & Solutions

August 27, 2015 Contributor

Common Sump Pump Problems & SolutionsAlthough sump pumps solve significant possible issues before they happen – as sump pumps are preventative – they still have their own problems. Luckily, the team at Reichelt Plumbing has solutions for the problems that arise with the pumps themselves. In this blog, we’ll discuss those fixes for when your sump pump goes a little grump.

Problems and Solutions

Problem:  It stops working altogether.

Solution: There are several things that you can check and make right, that can get the unit working again. You can check to see if the pump is in its upright position (if not, place it correctly), and you can check all the plugs and connections (if they’re not tight, tighten and position them). This make get your unit up and running.

Problem: There’s too much debris in the collection and discharge areas.

Solution: These areas – the grate at the pump’s base and the outlet pipe respectively – can easily be cleaned. For the grate at the bottom, just remove the pump and clean out the collected debris. For the discharge pipe, the same can be done here. Making sure these areas are clear can get your sump pump going.

Problem: The power has gone out at your home, and your sump pump isn’t working now.

Solution: Luckily, backup batteries exist in the sump pump world. Make sure you have one of these batteries – a car battery can work for this – working, should the power suddenly drop.

The Sump Pump’s Maintenance

The maintenance of the sump pump is as simple and effective as the function of the sump pump itself. With these simple steps in place, your sump pump problems are easily solved. If you’re unsure about implementing any of these steps though, don’t feel shy about contacting a professional. The techs at Reichelt Plumbing have the qualifications to get your sump pump in perfect working order again. (219) 322-4906.

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