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What Does a Sump Pump Do?

September 25, 2015 Contributor

A “sump pump” doesn’t sound like a super-valuable piece of equipment. In fact, we’re not really sure what it sounds like, but it’s far from what you might think. A sump pump has been a basement and crawlspace hero since its invention. Let’s talk about what this superhero does.

The Beginnings of a Legend

A sump pump was created to aid in keeping the bottoms of homes – basements and lowest flooring – from water damage. The sump pump is named this because the term “sump” actually describes a reservoir to collect unwanted water. Due to ground water or excessive rains or even melting ice and snow, the sump pump was created to keep that from harming residences.

So, How Does This Magic Happen?

The sump pump actually pumps water out, of a basement for example, by receiving drained water that has come through to a sump pit. The pump takes the water from the pit and puts it elsewhere. Usually pumping the unwanted water into runoff away from the home.

Useful? Absolutely!

This device saves the lower part of homes from water damage, which can be a significant problem in our Cook County climate! Our experts can come install a sump pump at your home, as soon as you’re ready. Contact our team: (219) 322-4906.

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