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Flooded Basement? Here’s What to Do

November 3, 2015 Contributor

Flooded Basement Schererville INIt is every homeowner’s nightmare. You walk down the steps to your basement and find that it is now full of standing water. When you have a flooded basement, you immediately think of the costly repair, the damage to your items stored there, and the inevitable mildew smell that tends to haunt homes long after the water has receded. Many of these issues can be minimized or prevented with taking action quickly.

Turn Off Power & Gas

It is important that you immediately turn off the power and gas in your home to prevent a fire. Sometimes the water can short out your electric system that can cause sparking. Worse yet, going into the water could be a serious risk of electrical shock. You can do this manually or call an electrician. If you have to step into the water to get to your electrical box, call a professional.

Rescue Items

Try and locate items that are irreplaceable and get them out of the standing water. If you do not have time to wash them properly, you can freeze them until you have time. The freezing will prevent further water damage to your items.

Increase Air Flow

Open all windows in your basement, if you have them. You will want air to evaporate as much water as possible. There will be additional moisture in your home as well, so keeping the windows open and fans running can help disperse some of that moisture.

Call a Professional

You will need to get water pumped out from your basement as fast as possible to minimize damage. Reichelt Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services on weekends and holidays. Give us a call and we can dispatch one of our licensed plumbers to your home to help with your flooded basement.

If you have a flooded basement, contact Reichelt Plumbing right away. Call (219) 322-4906 to schedule your appointment with us.

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