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Sump Pump Stopped Working, Now What?

September 26, 2015 Contributor

sump pumpIf your sump pump stops working, it can seem like an emergency that is impossible to fix. That is far from true. Reichelt’s qualified plumbers suggest that when your sump pump stops working, you check the follow things. These things can easily be done by you at home.

Check The…

  • Pump’s Positioning — Sometimes, the pressure that is often put upon the pump may cause it to tip over and stop working. Put simply, check to make sure your unit is standing upright in its proper location. Gravity and pressure can push it out of its position.
  • Plugs and Cords — The pump has various cords and plugs that are attached to the unit. Make sure these are plugged in and in their right positions too.
  • Vents and Discharge Holes — As the pump does its job, it sucks up water from the sump pit – which may have debris – and it spits it out and through a pipe – which may also have debris – away from the home’s foundation. Make sure debris is not clogging up these exit or entrance pipes on the pump.

Still Nothing?

If your sump pump isn’t working – even after you’ve performed a thorough inspection and maintenance check – you may need to call a plumber. Reichelt Plumbing serves customers all over the Cook County area, who experience sump pump failure. We’re ready to tackle your job. Contact or Call us now! (219) 322-4906.

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