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Drain Cleaning – Causes of Blocks and Their Solutions for Your South Cook County Home

April 18, 2018 Contributor

Your home’s plumbing system is often precarious. It feels like, at any moment, something could go wrong. And it usually does; especially when children are involved. The dreaded instance of a clogged drain, the repulsion of the smell, it’s all too much to handle. Drainage clogs are the absolute worst. Here are a few causes of blockages and how to resolve them.

Common Causes & Solutions

The majority of bathroom clogs – the most common type – are the result of dirt, skin flakes, and hair binding to soap scum along the interior of drain pipes. Over time, this accumulation will clog the pipe and reduce water flow.

To solve the problem, remove and clean the drain stopper on occasion. If that does not help, consider a drain plunger, keeping in mind to block the overflow drain in the tub or sink beforehand. The drain stopper especially should be regularly cleaned to help prevent clogs. Also consider a hair-strainer drain cover to trap any hair from entering the drain.

Another common drain clog stems from the toilet. A clogged toilet is nasty business that truly few of us want to handle. However, it happens. When anyone tries flushing objects down the drain that do not dissolve in water, such as feminine hygiene products, dental floss, or pre-moistened diaper wipes, clogs may occur.

The solution is to grab the plunger. The most effective plunger on the market will shoot a jet of water down the drain pipe. Most have an anti-microbial coating, too. Next, consider a hand-powered auger if you have access to one. While troublesome to use at first, a hand auger can reach further down the drain pipe to break up or remove the blockage effectively.

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