Halloween Plumbing Tips for South Cook County, Illinois & Northwest Indiana

Halloween Plumbing Tips, outh Cook County, Illinois & Northwest IndianaThey’re coming. Are you prepared? With the start of fall and cold weather come witches, bears, vampires, and more! They’re all coming to the South Cook County, Illinois & Northwest Indiana areas, and they’re coming for treats! This time of year can be quite fun and bring many festive activities. It can also bring visitors to your home for craft nights, costume parties, and pumpkin carving parties! In light of the spooky nature of Halloween, Reichelt Plumbing wanted to talk about some spooky noises your residential or commercial plumbing may make. We also wanted to offer a quick tip on how to avoid clogging your drains and garbage disposals.

Are strange sounds coming from the walls in your home? If your home’s plumbing was not insulated, you might be hearing the copper pipes expand and contract, which makes them come into contact with the wood in your floors and walls. This can be easily repaired by insulating the pipes in your home so that they stop coming in contact with the wood around them. A licensed technician can also determine if your pipes need to be more secure so that you stop hearing a rattling or clanking sound.

Another odd, yet common, sound comes from Phantom Flushing! Don’t worry, you don’t have a ghost or unexpected guest coming to flush your toilet at random times throughout the day and night. Instead, your toilet is telling you there might be a leak in the tank. If there is a leak or problem, the water can slowly drain from the tank. As this happens, the tank will refill itself so that you have enough water to flush the next time you use the toilet. It’s important to have a technician come look at the toilet to diagnose and repair the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

Finally, a simple tip to keep your sink’s drains healthy and clean this season: don’t put pumpkin innards down the drain or garbage disposal. The fibers can get caught on debris or the blades in the garbage disposals and cause clogs and damage that require a licensed drain cleaner. To avoid having to call the plumbers, just dispose of the innards in the trash or add them to a compost pile, if you use one.

While you may hear all sorts of scary sounds this Halloween season, we at Reichelt Plumbing hope to ensure none of them come from your home’s plumbing. Make sure to give us a call for repairs, routine maintenance, or general questions.

At Reichelt Plumbing we offer both residential plumbing services and commercial plumbing services. Locally owned and operated, we have been in business for over 25 years and owe our longevity and success as a business to our unwavering commitment to satisfy all our customer demands in a timely fashion. For money saving tips, coupons, and testimonials, visit us on the web. And feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives with any questions or service needs.

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