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How Gas Leak Detection Works

May 24, 2018 Contributor

Many homes and workplaces across the country use gas-powered appliances, yet most people rarely think of the dangers of a gas leak. Unfortunately, leaks do happen regularly, sometimes leading to serious accidents and injuries. If you have gas in your home or workplace, consider researching gas leak symptoms, and install the proper devices geared towards your safety. And certainly, having a professional on speed dial never hurts either!

Recognizing Gas Leaks

Most know of the dangers of a gas leak, so we won’t delve into the details of that right now. Instead, we’ll first discuss how to recognize a gas leak.

The most common method of recognizing a gas leak is by the smell. Gas manufacturers add in a sulfur-like substance that smells similar to rotten eggs, helping to warn homeowners of the impending trouble. However, relying solely on smell is never a good idea. Your ability to smell may be inhibited by a cold or sinus congestion, strong odors from cooked food, medication, or even a persistent gas leak.

A high-quality device, like those used by the professionals, is often much better for determining a gas leak, and its location, early-on!

What to Do When a Gas Leak Occurs

Once the gas leak has been found, you must act promptly. If you have gas-based appliances, you should also have emergency numbers to contact nearby. First, call emergency services. Even if you do not smell gas – which is entirely possible due to the odor fading – you may experience dizziness, sudden headaches, vomiting, or shortness of breath. These are warning signs to watch out for.

If this happens, immediately leave the building. Do not turn on any electronics, do not pick up the telephone, and do not light a match or cigarette lighter. After leaving the building, dial your emergency numbers and call Reichelt Plumbing.

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